"I had been to this region in my youth as a Service Volunteer for Amigos de Las Americas. I fell in love with the people, the land and the culture. In fact, it was this experience in 1971 where I was inspired to return to the USA and complete my Master of Science In Business and start our Non-Profit Organization. My goal has always been to contribute to social and environmental projects wherever I am working as a businessman. And, so, as you can see in my Curriculum Vita this is what I have done for 30 years.


Now, my experience, education and goals have merged into Club Natale Bay Villas, a true Social Enterprise! We have a successful business enterprise with over 2 years of history to substantiate our projections. Concurrently we have integrated The Bay Islands International Academy, wherein we provide vocational training to Island Natives in Hospitality Services, Conservation and Eco-Tourism. We also provide an internationally renowned curriculum in Human Rights. Our Social Enterprise approach has provided an unanticipated hype with our guests, who love not only the natural eco-tourism facility, but also the opportunity to be served and entertained by the people and culture who are native to the island!


We are offering a lucrative opportunity for home-buyers, those interested in owning vacation rentals, investors, joint venture or partnership. Our projections are now based on real experience and statistics translated into numbers.  We have met or exceeded almost every milestone. Key to our project is the potential opportunity for an Investor/Buyer to take advantage of the Conservation Lands that could be formally designated to the Non Profit thereby receiving tax benefits in the USA. Our 5 acres available on Cayos Cochinos can be included in this designation along with a large portion of the Club Natale Bay Villas properties, particularly of the adjacent land option purchase. There is a significant benefit to the designation of the conservation lands for the commercial resort because it essentially plants a "nature park" adjacent to the project, attracting more eco-tourism. There is a symbiotic relationship between the park and the resort.



We look forward to receiving you at our little paradise in the Caribbean!"


T. Joseph Natale


T. Joseph Natale

Owner/Developer-Executive Officer


The Natale Family


The Natale Family includes professionals with over 30 years experience in Real Estate Development, Technology, Cinematography, Telecommunications, Medical, Conservation, Global Social Programs, and Customer Service all culminating in Club Natale Bay Villas, a True Social-Enterprise.


Any way you look at it, the Natale Family has integrated with a global attitude.​The family includes original roots and heritiage from Italy, Romania, Roatan, and of course the USA. Joseph Natale's grandparents came from humble means in Italy still connected to vineyards and olive orchards with a castle in Southern Italy, just north of Pompeii. Joseph and his wife Glenna, founders of a Non Profit Organization, Intensive Heart Ventures which is focused on services for victims of porverty and human rights violations, have also adopted children from Romaina and Roatan.  Glenna's family roots include farming from the midwestern United States.