Mr. T. Joseph Natale Curriculum Vitae


Education 1986-88

Master of Science,

            Mclaren College of Business Administration, University of San Francisco

Bachelor of Science,

            Mclaren College of Business Administration, University of San Francisco


Academic Appointments: Adjunct Faculty:

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, CA

Antioch University, Santa Barbara, CA

Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA



General Profile


Business Administration Consultant

  • Program Management

  • Strategic Planning-Implementation

  • Process Engineering

  • Social Enterprise

  • Organizational Development & Human Resources Development

  • Experience: 30 years Private Sector, Government Agencies, Non-Profits

  • USA and International Experience


Primary Expertise


  • Project Mapping, Planning, Organization, Implementation and Monitoring

  • Program Manager as key liaison between in the field activity and Board of Directors/Executive Officers

  • Development of budget and timeline milestones using proprietary software or company technology for managing information

  • Providing formal reports stating the status of tasks leading to milestones

  • Management of key resource allocations to meet timelines and budget

  • Identification of critical factors, their impacts and the development of alternative solutions noting impacts on time, budget and other resources

  • Business Administration and Management Consulting

  • Construction Project Management from Land Use Planning, Feasibility Analysis, Entitlement, Engineering and Physical Construction Developmen



Social Sector Development


  • Evaluation of socio-economic impacts

  • Development of Social Enterprise, Vocational Training and Job Placement

    • Integration of People, Process and Technology

    • Human Resource engineering for efficiency (internal and external)

  • Work as Liaison between Governments, Local Town Leaders/Elders and Non-profit Organizations and Private Contractors

  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures Development

  • Staff Recruitment, Orientation and Placement

  • Staff Productivity Programs

  • Quality of Service / Performance Monitoring and Evaluations

  • Fiscal management (employee and staffing efficiency evaluation)

    • Production Standards and Physical Plant

    • Implementation Plan Development: allocating human, physical, material and financial resources

  • Training, Guidance and Counseling Procedures

  • Staff Ongoing Education Programs and Vocational Training Development

  • Leadership and Motivational Training

  • Benefits Program Analysis and Implementation

  • Staff Layoff, Termination Procedures





Intensive Heart Ventures, a 501C-3 USA

Founder (1984) and Chairman of the Board of Intensive Heart Ventures. Heart Ventures a non-profit, global community services agency. Heart Ventures programs place a special emphasis on building bridges for socio-economically disadvantaged people, in order to create new opportunities in their lives as a gateway to self-sustenance and quality of life for future generations. Worked with various organizations in community development, the rescue of abandoned and trafficked children and the development of environmental and health projects in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya, Thailand and Honduras.


Foreign Languages

Spanish and English and has studied French and Italian.


Professional Consultancy

Founded CB Business Builders, offering services with a primary focus on large to mid-size organizations with (operating budgets up to 700 million per annum), operating in management consultancy since 1984.  Services have been offered as a professional, business-counseling with expertise in developing new organizations a unique systematic approach to business consulting with a special focus on putting feet and wings on written business plans.  The principals have been key to board level management in the development of large-scale companies, opening their new offices and developing human resources, both internal and external. The following is a limited list of projects, companies and consultancies:


Integrated Ventures, LLC an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner and Telecom and technology business Management Company. Integrated Ventures, LLC became one of the top 3 Oracle partners in the South West. The group had certified professionals available to assist organizations with a variety of platforms, hardware and software environments.  


Pharmaceutical-Viral Genetics, Inc.

Viral Genetics, Inc. is a biotechnology company that discovers and develops immune-based therapies for HIV and AIDS using its thymus nuclear protein compound. Mr. Natale worked with the CEO, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board to develop a strategic implementation plan, identifying critical factors towards success and overseeing the strategic implementation plan. Included in this consultancy was the development of their Human Resource Department.


Professional Staffing Solutions development of a full service staffing service firm specializing in high technology, software development, computers and telephony professionals. RVI Telecom provided the core and key executive management consulting to many of the largest wireless network development projects in the world. 


Pacific Bell Mobile Services (now AT&T Wireless) acted as key management advisor and overall management consultant to the development of the first seven regional offices, three states and over 1800 separate but inter-related projects, including general management of the development of communications for the Republican National Convention. 


GTE Mobilnet (now Verizon) acted as key management advisor and overall management consultant to the development of the first commercial cellular company in California and Hawaii.


Omnipoint (now T-Mobile) acted as key management advisor and overall management consultant to the development of the initial east coast offices of the United States.



ALLTEL PCS acted as key management advisor and overall management consultant to the development of the initial southeastern United States offices.



Infrastructure Development Corp acted as key management advisor and overall management consultant to the development of the initial technology based data center facilities consultancy.



Business-In a Box The CBLLC Group combined services developed a complete solution to Technology Management through it's Telecom and technology Business-In a Box ä(Total Information Technology, Telecom and technology business outsourcing), business planning and growth consulting, and technology data centers where clients can safely store their information in a protected, managed environment and pay as they grow.


Inter-American Development Bank CBLLC staff engaged in the analysis, reporting, recommendations, development and implementation of a community development and environmental management plan for The Bay Islands of Honduras.  Due to the impending impacts of commercial development and growth in the tourism sector, a general land and community development project was designed and implemented.


Coldwell Banker Real Estate CBLLC held an operating agreement through its international affiliate, Caribbean Island Ventures.  Developed and Staffed the CIV partners with Coldwell Banker as a real estate sales and marketing firm in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Human Resources Planning and Development Consulting were included through its local office.


Club Natale Bay Villas International Inn and Resorts Responsible for complete Design, Development and Management for Resort. The resort requires staffing for private, guarded and secure lodging for Honduras travelers. Private Beach Resort & Residence, Professional Guarded Safe and Secure Lodging, Controlled Access with Gated and Guarded Entry, Private Escorted Transportation, Single Rooms, 3 Bedroom Condos, Family Housing and Apartments.




Bay Islands Academy of Conservation and Ecotourism

Employment Training Academy -- An Integrated Employment Training Program (IETP) based on a -proprietary curriculum, will be adapted for approximately 600 at-risk youth, unemployed women and other at-risk people in the designated communities. IETP includes employment trainee assessment, pre-vocational training, on the job training and employment placement services.  A concurrent IETP will be adapted for specific micro-enterprises, including but not limited to Cultural Tour Groups, a Sewing Cooperative, and other small business enterprises. 


CANFF Carlos A. Natale Fútbol Foundation

 CAN Fútbol Foundation (CANFF), under the umbrella of Intensive Heart Ventures uses soccer and education as its vehicle to empower underprivileged youth. CANFF is the pivotal point through which student-athletes enrolled in our soccer and education programs prepare themselves for the future and to strengthen their communities by providing them with a positive environment to develop athletically, educationally, and nutritionally.  Our programs welcome student-athletes from all social classes and ethnicities. Our programs are strategically located in the underprivileged communities.   This provides our student-athletes with easy access to their soccer training sessions.  


Medical Clinics and Supplies

Direct Relief International Coordinator: Coordination and support for community clinic volunteers including doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses and other health volunteers.  Heart Ventures coordinates the provision of medicine, supplies and medical equipment to various clinics and health programs.


Artists Youth Alliance of Santa Barbara

Music And Arts Academy in Santa Barbara, California. The Music & Arts Conservatory (MAC) is an organization of the Artists Youth Alliance (AYA), a 501(c)3 (non-profit) organization dedicated to bringing the arts deeply into the lives of children and young adults. MAC and AYA. 





The CB Business Builders team plays a key executive role in putting “feet and wings on business plans.”  By designing a blueprint for success, we guide companies in meeting their business plan and project objectives within budget and critical timelines.

In the words of clients:


“Your focus on efficiencies in each discipline and phase of the deployment have reduced costs and time and have produced a higher quality system that will ensure excellent customer service into the future.”

--Lyn Daniels, President and CEO of Pacific Bell Mobile Services (Now AT&T)


“In the fall of 1993, we appointed you to manage and be responsible for preserving the GTE Mobilnet Cellular License in four of the six major Hawaiian Islands. Our confidence in your ultimate success grew as we watched you orchestrate all divisions and personnel to meet that challenge. With our success you have contributed to the primary development and initial foundation of the statewide network system.”

--Ms. Anita Seyer, VP, GTE Mobilnet (Now Verizon Wireless)


“I have independently studied your manuals and am convinced that you have a very workable program for employers. Your training project appears to be one of those rare, ‘win-win’ programs that seldom come along. Your package offers minimal risk to the employer and at the same time provides a great pay off.”

--Larita Brumley, AT&T Supervisor


“I am impressed with their knowledge and sincere commitment. Their Standards and Program Manual and Data Collection System can help an employer develop a step by step plan for achieving success.”

--Michael Dagenais, Sea World Director of Operations


“Their approach and process played a key role in assisting the government of Honduras in acquiring a $29 million dollar environmental and community development fund. We greatly appreciate their professional approach and their personal dedication.”

--Governor Dorn Andy Ebanks, State of the Bay Islands, Honduras