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Club Natale Bay Villas Resort is located in Roatan, Bay Islands, Western Caribbean Sea, south of Belize, off the northern coast of Honduras. Our resort has been in "soft" operation for approximately 2.5 years during the development Phase 1.


Club Natale Bay Villas faces East in the Caribbean Sea with 3 key reefs, in a pristine, protected, marine area dive site, in the beautiful Mesoamerican Reef (1) which is the second largest barrier reef in the world drawing significant tourism and international organizations and universities for study. While I have provided a formal package for you, the following information will help to better understand the significant economic, environmental and social benefits of the project.


The Inter-American Development Bank contracted with me as a Socio-Economic and Environmental Consultant in 1990 to evaluate the impending impacts of tourism on the Bay Islands and surrounding reef.  After several months, and at the completion of my report, we were able to acquire a series of funds beginning with $29 Million US to prepare the Bay Islands infrastructure in anticipation for today’s reality…booming tourism. In 1990, the Bay Islands and Roatan were part of group of unknown islands and hundreds of cays, with dirt roads to villages of a wide range of native inhabitants including descendents of the West African Garinagu Tribe resulting from the Slave Trade, French, Spanish and English Colonists and Pirates, Payan Indians, and Latin people from the Central American coast.


Today, as our reports anticipated, Roatan and The Bay Islands have become the newest discovered tourist paradise as noted in dozens of recent magazine and news articles:



One ISLANDS editor explores the Bay Islands and reveals why Roatan just may be the world's best island to retire on. (2)


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Roatan: A Charming and Affordable Caribbean Isle: Retire near the water in Roatan for a fraction of the cost of more developed Caribbean isles. (3)



Five Reasons To Move To Roatan, Honduras(4)


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Roatan helps put Honduras Back on the Travel Map! (5)



CoCo View Resort is on one of the most respected snorkeling and diving destinations in the Caribbean and is the most returned to dive resort in the world. (6)


The Underwater Connection

Dive the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in Roatan, Honduras and enjoy the amenities of an all-inclusive resort. You will be diving a reef that spans 700 miles and across four countries with hundreds of species of marine life. (7)


CREATORS.COM-Travel and Adventure

Roatan: The Caribbean's Best Kept Secret (8)


AAA Go Magazine

Isla Roatan: Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret

By Kristy Tolley

If you’re looking for a Caribbean getaway, but want to steer clear of the tourist masses that flock to many popular islands, consider a trip to Isla Rotan, the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands. The quiet, Eden-like quality of the island almost beckons you the minute your foot reaches the soil. Roatan’s rich bio-diversity is as pleasing to the soul as it is to the eyes. This low-key gem is situated near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere and second largest in the world. The reef hugs most of Roatan’s shoreline, creating tranquil beaches perfect for snorkeling or diving. (9)






I would like to introduce the Club Natale Bay Villas project and myself. My name is T. Joseph Natale. I reside in Santa Barbara, California. I have been developing a boutique resort / specialty eco-tourist lodge in Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.


I have been in soft operations during the last 2.5 years of development and have exceeded all goals, objectives and financial objectives during this time. In fact, we have increased business in the last year by 88%!


Currently I believe it is the right time to introduce the project to  potential investors & buyers to move into the next phases of development. Tourism, the local economy, local government’s focus on business and international awareness of Roatan are all on a very positive rise. 


We have worked for over 20 years in the region, establishing a positive and respected reputation. Local knowledge is essential to success. I have many years in building local relationships with the government, building department, marine-park, and other businesses.


There is also a social enterprise aspect to the project that is quite provocative and attracts even more sectors of interest in the project. We serve as an academy of vocational training for the local islanders in Hospitality Services, Conservation and Eco-tourism. This works very well for us in advertising and for local relations. I have provided links to a series of videos listed below that describe the social aspects of our project.


We have an MAI Appraisal that we can provide you. It is about 2 years since the last update. Much development and rise in the local economy has occurred, so it would need to be updated. However it was done during the most challenging time economically in the world and particularly in the region, so an update would bring an even more positive projected outcome.



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