The Bay Islands Academy

Of Conservation & Ecotouirsm

Conservation-Ecotourism and Human Rights





Earth’s sustainability is largely dependent on human sustainability. Wisdom, knowledge and integrity of and to our earth including land, sea and its’ inhabitants are core to our global responsibility and survivability.


The Bay Islands International Academy is a strategically located, research, education and training center focused on the study and protection of land, sea and people, the life cycle the earth’s existence. Empowering people with the knowledge and understanding of their Human Rights is the first stage in building the bridge of sustenance for the world through protection, preservation and conservation.


The Bay Islands International Academy (BIIA) mission is to educate participants in global human rights, conservation, and ecotourism and to serve as an International Conference Center. Local students, international scientists, anthropologists and human rights advocates, join together in the study, evaluation and discovery of essential methods to restore, conserve and enhance the rights of human beings, and the pristine value and sustenance of our global lands, seas and reefs. The lands in which BIIA are located are also physically and inherently scientific study areas, nature and marine parks, and land, sea and reef preservation and protection projects. 


The Bay Islands rest in the heart of the Meso-American Barrier Reef system, the second largest barrier reef in the world.  The Bay Islands and surrounding area, prime habitat to a multitude of endangered land and sea creatures are also home to several indigenous people including the Garinagu Tribe-descendents of the slave trade, Payan, Mayan and Mosquito Indians, English, Spanish, Pirate and Latin American people. Founders of the Bay Islands International Academy envisioned the value and synergy of locating the facility at the center of it’s very purpose, on land encompassed with critically pristine land, sea, reefs and inhabited with people of deep history and culture! 




The Bay Islands International Academy offers Certificate and Degree Programs in


  • Land and Sea Conservation

  • Global Human Rights

  • Eco-Tourism and Hospitality Services

  • Cultural Music and Art

  • Dive Certifications


The Bay Islands International Conference Center includes:

  • Central American Center on Human Rights

  • Scientific Study Center of land, sea and endangered species

  • Micro-Enterprise Development Center


Mission Proposal


The Bay Islands International Academy venue includes a traditional classroom setting, as well as an Ocean Front Eco-Tourism Resort, several acres of pristine ocean front lands plus a strategic 6-acre habitat in an international study area on a separate island. The BIIA is an institution that educates and empowers people to self-sustaining employment, and the knowledge and implementation of Human Rights and Conservation Programs. Ultimately, the BIIA serves as the successful development of a Social Enterprise Model that can be replicated globally.



The Bay Islands International Academy Current Goals and Objectives


Seeking Funds to:

1. Secure the properties where it is permanently located

2. Secure additional key and pristine surrounding forest and conservation lands

3. Complete core development projects to ensure financial sustainability

4. Sustain and grow Academy of Human Rights, Conservation and Eco-Tourism Projects

5. Establish a Conservation, Science and Education Park

6. Build a Conference Hall, Science Lab and Accommodations

7. Establish and Enhance the International Center of Human Rights Program


With the Result of a Social Return on Investment (SROI):

  • Effect positive impact in a practical, pragmatic manner through:

    Management and Advancement of The Bay Islands Academy of Human Rights, Conservation and Eco-Tourism

    Establishing the Human Right to Self-Sustenance and Quality of life through job training and employment for challenged and oppressed, indigenous people with unique, historical cultures.

    Preserving and Protecting the core Human Rights of challenged and oppressed, indigenous people with unique, historical cultures, their morays, music, art, food, dress and language.

    Land, Sea and Reef Protection, Conservation and Enhancement

    Protection of endangered species such as the Black (Spiny) Iguana and the Rosy Boa.





  • Aware, Knowledgeable and Concerned about Earth and Sea Conservation and Global Human Rights

  • Engaged and Passionate about a Sustainable, Social Enterprise

  • Financially Capable to Join the Team





Founders have discovered that educating people to their Human Rights acts as a key that awakens them to choose to manage their own lives, work towards independence and self sustenance and ultimately take responsibility for their community, including the care of their environment through responsible conservation of their lands and sea.



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